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     we do not have
dogs or puppies for sale


      YNDA'S RE-HOME PROGRAM         
We take care of our own !
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  Ynda's Re-Homing our own Program

                                                Here at YNDA we believe in 'TAKING CARE OF OUR OWN'. 
                              That is our Re-Home program. You might think of it as us rescuing our own. 

*  Why? When we allow our girls to be mated and to produce a litter, we believe that ALL the puppies are our responsibility for ALL their lives.
                  Every puppy and every adult that was bred here and leaves here has a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE that it can COME HOME
                   again at any time that is needed, for however long is needed.  Period.  No questions asked.
               This also includes 'stud fee puppies' like Georgie that come home.

* Sometimes, the dogs that come home become available for new homes & families or Re-Homing.  We evaluate them here @ Ynda
   medically and for a period of time before they become available for 'Re-Home-Adoption.'

                                                                            Dogs Already Adopted    

adopted !! & thank you
congratulations to Mary  
Barefoot Ricochet to Ynda & Twinholly    


  adopted !!   & thank you                                                     adopted !! & thank you                                                         adopted !! & thank you
congratulations to anne and ken                               congratulations to Julie & David                                      congratulations to Robin & Mike
  Ynda's Toby, CGC                        Ynda's Mission-Impossible, CGC                                Ynda's Georgie, CGC


    adopted !! & thank you                                                                                           adopted ! & thank you
congratulations to Tom, Melissa & family                                              congratulations to Tom & Ynda's Nick-At-Knight, CGC
Ynda's Last-Of-The-Dreamers                                            Ynda's Happy-Dreams-Of-Shenandoah, CGC
       'alfalfa'                                                                                                                           'Happy'


adopted and thank you!                                                  adopted and thank you!                                         adopted & thank you !
congratulations to Bill & Judy                               congratulations to Sue & Doug                            congratulations to Ed & Laurel & family
Ynda's Audie Murphy, CGC                 Ynda & Pacesetter's Dream Catcher           Ynda's Jordan & Ynda's Buzz
                                                                   NOW A CGC and a TDI dog !



adopted and thank you!
congratulations to Barb & family
Ynda's Appalachian Trail Dream, CGC


How to apply to adopt one of our Re-Home dogs:

Requirements to adopt: 

1.  Fenced yard is a must.  No e-fences.  Real fencing -- privacy, iron, chain link, split rail with wire, etc.
2.  We will do a home visit to meet you and your family.  In some cases the visit will be done by one of our co-owners.
3.  We will check your veterinarian references.
4.  Willingness to accept a dog that may have 'issues' from its previous life experience, usually minor physical issues or maybe a minor personality 'quirk' like not wanting to go up stairs.  No dog is perfect.

Our Adoption Questionnaire:  click here to open questionnaire as a document

Sorry, there are NO dogs currently being evaluated for re-home adoption

please check back from time to time 

click here to learn about how we work in the community

Ynda's Public Rescue Program -- Saving Lives As We are able



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